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Jesus Christ is the centre of all things, the very Source of everything we need to know about God.  No one knows the Father except the Son but it is the desire of the Triune God that they make themselves known through the Son.  It is more than Jesus speaking about God.  It is Jesus speaking the things about Himself as God and teaches as God teaching the very things of Himself.  The Incarnation of God carries with it far greater implications for us than we can ever imagine.  It cuts across all previously held ideas about who God is and what He can do.  For most of us, when it come to this realisation about who Jesus Christ is and what it means for us, we are are forced to go back to the drawing board and reexamine everything we previously held as true.  From time to time, people approach us with ‘what about’ questions us the Trinitarian way of looking at the gospel is unpacked.

Below are links to various topics with the hope that some of the ‘what about’ questions might be answered.

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The Christian Life

Faith Pt 1 – What it is and what it isn’t

Faith Pt 2 – The History of Faith

Faith Pt 3 – The Gift of Faith

Faith Pt 4 – What about Hebrews 11?

Atonement Pt 1 – Where do we start?

Atonement Pt 2 – The Death of Christ

Atonement Pt 3 – The Focus

What about the Bible?

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Union in Summary

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