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It is important to state clearly to all what we believe so that we can provide a level ground for fruitful discussion.  The following links are key and foundational points which are the non-negotiables of Perichoresis Australia.  The ground of all we declare begins in God as the Man, the Human Being, Jesus Christ our Lord.  He is of the same being with the Father and of the same being with our humanity.  If a discussion is to commence that attempts to lay this fundamental point aside, then we believe it is no longer a theological discussion.  Theology is God – talk and when God speaks, we must be in a position to listen and learn from Him if we are to ever know Him.  If we ignore the implication of Jesus Christ as God from true God, Light from Light, then whatever follows is mythology.  We hold scripture with the highest regard.  We interpret Scripture through the tradition of the ancient Nicene church with our focus on the fathers who proceed this era, through this era and beyond.

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