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What is offered is not new but steeped in Scripture, history and tradition and is open to all who want to pursue a greater understanding of Trinitarian theology. From its very beginning, we, as ambassadors along with Christ, have always welcomed and continue to welcome all to participate in the love, life, community and relationship grounded in the Father, Son and Spirit. It is hoped to provide a platform for greater face to face dialogue across the denominations as well as our surrounding communities the insurmountable glorious grace God has revealed to us in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many have spent years on what can only be described as a breathtaking journey as we uncover and explore and continue to uncover and explore the momentous event of the Incarnation of the Word, Jesus Christ. In Him we see the Father and it is by the Spirit our eyes are opened to the reality of our inclusion in this dynamic relationship. However, we do understand that this is a journey we cannot take on our own. Thus we do not see this organisation as a closed circle but one which is always open for others to engage in and contribute in the many and various ways, as characterised by the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts and the fruit of the Spirit embrace and engage our human activity as He endeavours to advance the cause of the gospel throughout the world.

By understanding there is diversity and differences in the Body of Christ, we have provided different and diverse ways for people to be involved. We provide information on who we are, what we are about, what we believe and an introduction to some key people in our organisation. In time, we hope to offer an extensive choice in either making contact through conferences, meetings and fellowships as well as interactive engagement in this site.

Ultimately, we would like to show all people that we are open, honest and passionate about who we are and what we are endeavoring to achieve as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Along with the resources available, we hope as many people will participate in our cause to see all the earth filled with the glory of God beginning in our families, local communities and extending to our nations.