Space Time and the Resurrection Pt 17

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Jesus Christ, as the Human Being, is the Offerer and the Offering who stands before the Father and will always stand before the Father as the Offerer who offered Himself in our place and on our behalf.  It is God who offers the sacrifice and as the Man Jesus Christ, God offers Himself.

This is all so important if we are to understand the significance of the context for such an act as we see in Jesus Christ.  To be God in the ancient world is to be the One in whom we live move and have our being.  Everything is connected to God and everything derives their source from and in Him.  In Him, the universe consists and is held together.  This very same God in whom we live move and have our being, where everything derives their source from Him and in Him and where the universe consists and is held together in Him, has become a Human Being and now stands in our midst.  This very God-Man stands before the Father as the Brother of all humanity who has forged a passage through death leaving it shattered to pieces.

In Jesus Christ, God intervened in human affairs and fulfilled all that was required of humanity in the Human life of obedience and prayer.  He lived a life as one who through His Person and acts left no doubt that He certainly was the One He claimed Himself to be.  Jesus trusts the Father with His whole being, including the humanity He assumed and as this Human Being, He gave the worship and praise in our place on our behalf that we should have given.  When we see the full reality of Jesus Christ as the One who was raised from the dead and is now eternally before the Father, we are given assurance of and His Personal guarantee of what is in store for us.  In His life He intervened and interceded on our behalf risking His very being for our sake allowing Himself to fall under the judgement of God with the goal of bringing us back to where we ought to be in Him.  His Being joined to our Being so that our dark being could be exchanged for His while our dark being was put to death.

Whatever flows out of the Being of the Man Jesus Christ before the Father also flows out of our being.  His prayer and intercession that flows out of Him also flows out of us before the very face of the Father.  The words and song the Father desires to hear that we are otherwise unable to utter are put into our mouths.  When Jesus prayed and carried out His acts of praise in His life and passion, such was His union with us, these words flowed out of us.  As we stumble our way through our Christian walk endeavouring to do and say the right things to the Father, the Spirit of Christ causes Jesus’ words to echo out of our mouths in rightful worship and praise.

In considering the Priesthood of Christ we maintain the all-important ontological connection between Jesus Christ and the body of believers, the church.  We are talking about those who see Jesus Christ for who He is and have placed their trust in Him.  The Body is united to Jesus Christ in communion through the body and blood.  We are all part of His priesthood where the source of all priesthood lies in Jesus Christ who distributes her gifts by the Spirit.

What God has done in the Incarnation is united Himself to His creatures and established a line of communication in their midst.  God language is now converted and communicated into human language and inserted into their being.  Thus in the ascension, this human being and language is taken into the very presence of God.  Wherever the believers go, Christ is with them.  What the believers proclaim is what Jesus Christ proclaims and it is the Spirit of Christ that enables the hearers to hear Him.  Therefore the proclamation and the hearing of the proclamation is the work of Christ.  What we endeavour to do is to echo the proclamation of Christ’s own kerygma.  It is a singing in tune with the song of the Spirit deep within our beings that resonate within the beings of those who hear the proclamation.  When it rings true, then people either sing along in willing obedience or resist the resonating truth of Christ’s own Personal Message.

It is only because Christ has ascended where our existence is grounded in this Man who stands before the Father as God of very God that we are able to say anything about God at all.  Our minds and understanding are in union with the very mind of God in Jesus Christ.  He can teach each women and man directly or through others as the means to heed to His command and follow Him.  His prophetic declaration of Himself is now enfleshed into the body of the church.  It is God who has spoken on His own behalf mediating the things of God to humanity and the things of humanity to God.  Jesus brings the two together and gives them equal status in Himself.  It is not as if we become ‘God’ but our humanity becomes godlike making our humanity more truly human than it could otherwise ever be.  God does not have to change Himself to make Himself known to us.   God comes to us as Man to make Himself known to us and thereby we are changed in Him so that we can know God like He knows God.  God is still who He is as this Man Jesus Christ.  So human is God that no one recognised Him, not even His very own.  In doing so, an extraordinary change came about in us that gave us a whole new way of seeing. In Him was brought reconciliation where the ‘two’ are made one and the dividing wall of hostility is smashed.