More on Objective Union

The heart of Nicene Theology is the reality that in Jesus, there is not one part of creation that is not connected to and consists in the very humanity of Jesus Christ.  The homoousion principle is the golden rule of faith whereby we are only in a position to allow the truth of who Jesus Christ is to wash over us.  God speaks to us in a Godly way sharing with us the things of God and what He has in store for all human beings.  Jesus is evidence that God has only the best interests of His creatures at heart and does everything towards us with this always in mind.  To bring to Him what we think He is like and what we think He can do is arrogant and foolish.  What we know and come to understand about God must come through the only one who can teach His ways and that is God Himself.  When God speaks, we can only but listen and learn from Him.  It is this time in history where God disclosed Himself in such a way that He made Himself understood within our framework of thought utilising all our human faculties.  To come to us in the Person and work of Jesus Christ has cleared up all the confusion regarding who God is and what He can do.  When the Spirit reveals to us the true nature of who God is in Jesus Christ, we can only listen to this One human being.  If we all learn from this one Human Being, then we are in a position to learn from Him alone and pass on what He has to say and teach the same thing.

The nature of Jesus Christ as having the same being as the Father must never be undermined.  Once an opportunity is given to allow some undermining, then this leaves room for human centred ideas that are wayward, inconsistent and contentious leading to disharmony and division.  It is while there was deeply ingrained division and disharmony regarding the doctrine of God in all sections of the church, that the modern translations were translated from the original Greek to the modern English.   The inconsistencies and wayward understanding of who God is, what He can and cannot do, what He must and must not be, apart from what is revealed in the Person and work of Jesus Christ as the Arche of all the ways and works of God, has led to a wayward and inconsistent translation causing all manner of division, dissensions and disharmony with the world wide church unlike at any other time in history.  During the Nicene era there was a clear demarcation between what was ratified as the doctrine of God according to the worldwide church community and those who tried to undermine the divinity of Jesus Christ.  There was such overwhelming unity from all sections of the church throughout the known world.  There was a 99%+ agreement on the doctrine of God as articulated in the Nicene Creed at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD.  It was expanded at the Council of Constantinople in 381AD to make clear the equal divinity of the Holy Spirit and ratified at the Council of Chalcedon in 451AD.

It must be clear that as we do not often see what the Niceno-Constantinopolitan theologians saw in their Bible where the creed was overwhelmingly agreed to as breathing the very life of Scripture; this must raise some questions as to whether or not the text we have handed to us is a true reflection of the original Greek text as the ancient theologians saw.   Is there room to allow the Ancient Fathers framework of thought through their overwhelming adherence to the homoousion as the rule for interpreting all things pertaining to God?  It is clearly arguable that we have no choice but to adopt the same rigorous method in all areas of Christian theology and allow this to rule all manner of interpretation.  If we truly believe the Incarnation of Jesus Christ to be God coming among us delivering to us all His ways and works we have no choice but to ignore everything else that is said about God and listen to this One Human Being.  When Jesus spoke, God spoke.  When Jesus acted, God acted.  The very purpose of Scripture is that we stand where those apostles stood, see what they saw, hear what they heard and allow their thinking come under as well as to come through the very mind of God in Christ.

This is the personal cry from many areas of those who have embarked on the transforming journey of Trinitarian theology.  It demands more and more of us to humble ourselves from our own understanding of what is right and wrong and submit to the overwhelming goodness of the God as revealed within the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  When we fix our eyes on Him and the union of being between Jesus and all the Persons of the Godhead, we find those goalposts that remain eternally in place and in the clear light of day for all to see.  Jesus is the aligning stone where all frameworks of thoughts must shift and align themselves with Him.  It is in this active, dynamic, living and breathing Human Being at the right hand of the Father on the same throne as Him where we have the clear and true rule for interpretation delivered straight to the heart of every single human being without partiality.  Every Scripture, every verse, every paragraph, and every chapter must not stray from this only active and living point of context where the only power we have is the power we believe to be imparted to us out of His being.  This power has placed us in equal rank to each other sharing the equal Sonship in the Son gathered around the table of the fellowship of those who commune with Him by the Spirit where are all face-to-face with the Father.  From here we should be able to say the same thing and teach the same thing and the unity so evident in the Nicene era may even happen today.  It is upon this ground that I say the time has never been so ripe as to produce yet another translation using this one and only rule.