Space Time and the Resurrection Pt 15

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We have to bring time to its end (telos) in Jesus Christ.  Everything that is involved in His being human includes His place in our history, in our community as well as an intrinsic part of our creation.  The reality of Jesus Christ is the eternal God who has stepped into humanity’s world order and made Himself part of it without ceasing to be who He truly is in Himself as God of God, Light from Light of the same being with the Father.  This is what the Patristic Fathers refer to as the hypostatic union.  No clear distinction can be made between the humanity of Jesus and His divinity.  This is why Karl Barth refers to Jesus as God and humanity together, reconciled!  We draw this out to its end by declaring the good news of the gospel that all which is contained in Him is reconciled to God in Him.

The future that is secured and established in Jesus Christ is now in the midst of secular time.  Time flows back into the past and decays in ashes but is also set in eternity in Jesus Christ pulling us towards the consummation of all things.  Thus there are two times that are locked together.  The Spirit has been poured out and fills all things. The church lives in the world in ordinary human history but is made to participate in the risen power of Jesus Christ.  However, this is not to say we make ourselves superior to the rest of the world.  In the spirit of kenosis, we humble ourselves to the structures of this world so that we can proclaim within its structures the glorious good news of the gospel.

We proclaim what God has in store for all humanity as humble servants of the world something that is far greater than the world.  We proclaim reconciliation as those who are reconciled in Christ as crucified with Him.  Jesus Christ is the truth for the world and we declare it as we see it in Him.  It does not matter what the world thinks about Him because it is too dark in their minds to really understand who He is.  We who have seen the Light become enlightened by Him and shine this Light of truth with the view that as our minds have been enlightened by the Spirit that we may be instruments through which other minds are freed from the dark and come into the Light of truth by the Spirit.

We have to think in a new way where we begin with Jesus Christ at the end of the age and we work back to where we are now.  We look to the event when we are face-to-face with Jesus presented to Him without spot or wrinkle.  At this present time, we are still in the realm of time that slips through us into our past and disappears into nothing lost forever.  Even though time passes and we are getting older and perishing, the truth is we are getting younger and younger in Jesus Christ and renewed day by day.  What is lost as each day passes is being redeemed and renewed day by day as we partake in the Spirit.  What is trying to drag us to the grave is in a losing battle by the eternal life that has us well within His grip.  The resurrection covers everything and has more power than anything else.  Nothing can get in the way of the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ.

We live in this current time with all its stark realities of life.  Human life is interwoven with beauty and suffering, joy and heartbreak and so on.  Yet we can undertake events where the truth of eternity overlaps with our human experience.  Holy Communion is an example of where the two worlds overlap and we receive a glimpse into the way it will be when all things reach their consummation in Jesus Christ.  It is as if we are locked in on the world greatest roller coaster that takes us up to great heights and throws us down into the depths.  Jesus is hanging onto us every part of the way.  However, the journey ends with Jesus Christ Himself as the goal and our prize is the very Person of God Himself as our exceedingly great reward.