Space Time and the Resurrection Pt 12

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It has been a long time since I last made a post.  A lot has happened in the last few weeks.  We are foster carers and we have just taken in a 3 month old baby girl and our lives have suddenly become crazy.  Nevertheless, when you have such a young infant to care for, it is so enjoyable and seems to have so much meaning to what we do.  It reinvigorates your perspective on everything.  Personally, I absolutely love babies.  I love seeing things afresh through young eyes.  I love the fact that the milestones are so much more frequent. The most important fundamentals of relationships are established in these first few years.  I have personally witnessed for myself the effects of neglect and abuse that has happened in only the few weeks of a baby’s life having such dramatic and detrimental effects that can impact on them for the rest of their lives.  Many are totally unaware of how blessed they are to be in such a loving and nurturing environment.  Nevertheless these first few years of their lives are vitally important to lay the foundation for everything that is needed to understand relationships.  It is a fine line and delicate balance between nurturing well rounded persons or persons that end up with enormous social problems and destructive relationships.  I have seen the very best and through fostering I have had the misfortune of seeing the very worst of the worst as a result of abuse and neglect.

When we weigh this into the incarnation, it makes this event all the more remarkable knowing the enormous flaws in ordinary human relationships.  I liken our beings to bohemian crystal wine glasses with cracks that represent the pain of human life.  It is the negative impact of relationships that cause the glass to crack.  The hallmark of human life is suffering.  It is loving relationships that keeps the cracks in this glass from shattering into pieces.  In the incarnation, the being of Jesus is a bohemian wine glass that has no cracks.  His being is totally loved by the Father. Yet he stepped into broken humanity where the weight of our brokenness and darkness tried to shatter this glass but to no avail.  The weight of our brokenness and darkness was not match for the love of the Father.  The Father loves with His entire being and does not hold out or hold back on the very One in whom His soul delights.  The Creator is now the Creature and He brings the love of the Father to heal our broken beings.  The Father is the One who can hold our brokenness together.  Yet, He places Himself along with Jesus Christ in the hands of broken people.

The Resurrection and Redemption

The purpose of the Father is bringing His dream from before the foundation to reality in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  Humanity’s being was fading away into nothingness gripped by the forces of darkness.  Our being was forfeited through our own doing at the Fall.  We were drifting aimlessly away from where we ought to be.  In this brokenness and darkness like a spacecraft out of control in deepest space with no one having the knowledge to regain control and setting aright is where Jesus Christ stepped into to re-establish our destiny and restore our beings where they ought to be.  Redemption is a rescue mission and the resurrections speaks of mission completed.  Our beings are restored and healed where we share in what Jesus Christ as the Human Being for all human beings.  The flesh and blood Human Being that hung on the Cross and died is now the flesh and blood Human Being who is risen and is seated at the right hand of the Father.  Redemption in the New Testament is a past event.  It is the event of the Word who came to us as Human carrying all our brokenness and darkness within Himself and recreating us through His whole human life.  Our redemption is our humanity recreated in Jesus Christ where we share in who He is as the Son of the Father.

The death of Jesus Christ is His deliberate act to bring about our restoration and do away with the last stronghold of evil that had us imprisoned in death. Redemption includes the breaking of death’s bonds and setting us free.  This is such a cataclysmic event that brings such an impact on people in much the same way as one might react in an earthquake.  People who witnessed the miracles of Jesus Christ did not just say, “Oh wow!”  His miraculous acts were such that people were left deeply shocked in much the same way as one might react after a violent earthquake.  The miracle pointed to Jesus Christ and such an act brought about sheer and utter shock as to what kind of man He could be.  It was not explainable trickery as in magic but events that could provide no explanation and very little opportunity to dispute the fact that Jesus was no ordinary Human Being.  How could this ordinary human being undertake such extraordinary acts.

Now we have the redemptive act of the resurrection.  Death is suppose to be the end for everyone.  However, it is not the end and Jesus in Himself, the resurrection, the truth and the life breaks out of death making the way open for the whole of creation and everything in it.  It baffles us.  It is incomprehensible.  How can it be?  The realisation of this event breaking through to us as a revelation is utterly staggering and earth shattering.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ testifies to who Jesus is in Himself.  This begs the question as to whether or not this event is an interruption of the natural order.  It is a most startling event that is baffling to our way of thinking and a thorn for those who attempt to observe this event in the realm of natural science.  Our natural created order is way too big for us to able to conceive what is or is not possible.  Whatever one believes in regard to creation and how things came to be, we all face the same fundamental problem.  No one is able to step outside the created order and observe creative processes from out of nothing in action.  This speaks volumes as to how limited our knowledge is in regard to the natural world we live in.  We can only observe after the fact.  The resurrection is a new creation that is as inexplicable as the act of creation in itself.  We can only observe that Jesus Christ was crucified, died, buried and rose from the dead.  The question of whether or not this event is possible cannot come under the field of investigation.  We either trust God this event is a new reality or we don’t.  If we do believe then it changes everything.

Who is to say that the resurrection flies in the face of natural science.  Our understanding of natural science goes only as far as the knowledge we have to date.  If our darkness and depravity have driven us far from where we ought to be and it is God as Jesus Christ who has brought us back by means of Himself in His Person and work then our perspective on everything changes.  If we as lost in our darkness try to be the measure of all things and deciding what is and is not true, then the One who is the Way the Truth, the Life and the Resurrection sheds His Light in Himself as the way the whole order of things now stand.  Our understanding of everything now has a reference point from which all truth is drawn.

While in our darkness, our understanding of natural science hinges on our own dark and depraved understanding.  From this perspective, the possibility of the resurrection from the dead can easily be disregarded as an unnatural event.  However, if the One behind all things and in whom all things consist and are held together, the Uncreated Source of all things steps into His creation, He is able to do what no human being can do.  In our dark and depraved condition, we can easily accept that death is a natural process of life.  However to Jesus Christ, death is not natural.  It is the enemy of God and goes against everything that God is.  Jesus Christ allows death to have its way and to all who witnessed His dying event, death had won out and this was the end of Him.  Unbeknown to them, death was not natural to Jesus Christ.  In fact the life of brokenness and waywardness was not a part of the whole life of Jesus Christ.  When we ordinary human beings shed our blood, it means death and it means the end.  Yet for Jesus, He shed His blood, died but it was not the end!  God as Jesus Christ rose from the dead indicating the power of His blood, even though it was shed, it brought life to His lifeless body and life to the entire human race.  This is natural to God.  Therefore we transform our understanding from this new creation from the old lifeless order to the new order of things in Jesus Christ.  The resurrection is new knowledge and if it is to be accepted as a factual event, then this one time event must have impact on our understanding of the whole order of things.  There is far more going on than we could ever imagine.  When we become aware of this truth, then there is so much more we are open to know.

It is vitally important that the incarnation is closely held together with the resurrection.  As these two are held together, we hold together who Jesus Christ is in Himself as the Source of all things, the Creator, the One in whom the whole of creation consists and is held together, the One in whom we live move and have our being with His humanity, the flesh of our flesh , the bones of our bones.  What we have is the resurrection of the human being, the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth who is of the same being with the Father, the same being with our humanity and the same being with His own humanity.  When we see Jesus Christ from this perspective, there is no other way to see anyone or anything accept from the light of this new creation.

In the light of the truth, we realise how vitally important it is for humanity that the resurrection has happened.  It is too terrible a thought to imagine if there was no resurrection and we were still left in our lost, dark and depraved condition.  Humanity was heading towards oblivion and disintegrating into dust.  Yet God in His overwhelming loving kindness stepped into our condition and gave us to share in real and concrete existence in Himself.  We had the great exchange and now we truly exist and this cannot be taken away from us, not even by death itself.  Instead of disintegrating we have no been integrated into the Source of Life.

This transformed the way of viewing the whole universe and everything in it.  The concrete reality we have been placed into in Jesus Christ and knowing that all things consist and are held together in Him gives concrete reality to everything around us.  The fact that what God achieved in the Person and work of Jesus Christ is something that comes to us and communicates its own reality out from within itself, gives us a means of investigation through which all investigative procedure must follow.  That is we do not impose on the object of study what we think but let the object communicate to us and inform us of its reality.

The resurrection of the body is in the same manner of the death of the body of Jesus Christ.  It is not just a certain part of Jesus Christ that died.  It was the death of everything that is contained in the Man Jesus Christ, body, soul and spirit.  There is no other way to think of it as the is no other way to think of the death of any human being.  Jesus is of one and the same being with His own humanity.  Jesus’ humanity is of one and the same being with the very substance of our humanity.  Thus the death of Jesus Christ informs us that we died as well.  Our Source of Life form which we are drawn was snuffed out.  It meant the death of our humanity but also it meant the resurrection of our humanity to new life in and with the Source of all Life.  The fact that Jesus stayed with His followers after the resurrection showing to the many that He was not a ghost eating and drinking as they did is testament to the fact that as death was a bodily act, so too was the resurrection