Patristic Theology and Modern Science Pt 12

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In theology and science, the theologian and the scientist stand in a place where they can mediate their attunement with the object of their study to the wider community.  There is union and communion with the scientist, theologian and the Reality behind all things which we know to be Jesus Christ.  God is continually at work disclosing Himself in far more ways than we could ever imagine.  The human mind has been redeemed and sanctified where it can know a way of seeing and understanding not only in the created order but in dialogue with the One who created it.  It is a continual repentance as we allow ourselves to lay aside our preconceived ideas that might blind us from seeing what is really going on.

There have been so many incidences in science where something has been discovered that has never been anticipated and never been known before.  It is in those situations of, “This is unbelievable!” we have no choice but to assent to what we are confronted with and allow what we are confronted with to teach us.  As what we are confronted with teaches us, we take observations in accordance with the inner truths it reveals.  This is the very thing that happens when we first encounter Jesus Christ.  We allow the inner truth of who He is to teach us.  We assent to this truth in response to the faithfulness of God whose connection of His being to our being is disclosed.  There is direct contact with the Person of God with our person where direct dialogue with Person of God and the human subject is the Reality at the ground of our existence.   As we talk in fellowship with each other, we all have the inner voice of the Spirit who helps us to discern His truths articulated by others and make us aware of things that may be contrary to His truth.

What lies below our logic and reason is our encounter with the Risen Lord who by the Spirit of Christ leads us into all truth.  This defines and structures the language we use to communicate our encounter to the wider community.  As we grasp the Reality of Christ in us, we begin to grasp the Reality of Christ in others and the mythology we once held onto begins to fall away.  Jesus Christ is the ground upon which all other human beings live, move and have their being.  As we partake in the dance of the Trinity and become familiar with Their music and song, we may be in a better position to share this song with others who have not yet seen the dance of Life.  The Trinity is already dancing to their music and song in people around us, even if they are not aware of it in the same way we are.

As we know the Reality behind all things is Jesus Christ and we hear His voice, we are the sheep who know His voice and follow Him.  Others who know His voice, will speak about Him in such a way that others will recognise what they are saying as the Truth because they are saying the same things as the voice of Him they are hearing.  It has nothing to do with qualifications or how esteemed any person might be as the Shepherd speaks to ALL His sheep, from the least to the greatest (Hebrews 8:11).  As we speak about Jesus Christ, we teach our brothers and sisters to know the Truth for themselves in such a way that we are not the ones teaching everyone His fellow citizen saying and everyone His brother saying “know the Lord!” (ibid).

We give people the room and the space to know Jesus Christ for themselves.  It is not our face we want people to see or our voice we want people to hear.  It is the face of Christ we want them to see and the voice of Christ we want them to hear.  In the face and heart of the Son lies the face and heart of the Father.  The Spirit of Christ is in all of us and He will remind us everything of Jesus Christ.  All that the Father has regarding all His ways and works has been given to the Son.  The Spirit will take all this the Son has and make it known to you.  This is so important.  By no means do we want the voice of our ministries to be louder than the voice of Jesus Christ.  It is Jesus Christ who is the Lord of the knowledge of His ways and works.  It is this central theme that lies at the heart of the ancient church.  It is the freedom to know as we are known giving us the freedom to be and to live knowing even the very little that we know that we are known by Him.  They will ALL know me (ibid).  They will all know Me the way want them to know Me.

This directly correlates to science.  As the knowledge of the object is revealed and we report the inner truths of what we observe to others, we must give people the room and the space to know the object for themselves.  The information we gather is a direct result of what comes out from within the object we study.  We want people to see what we observe in the object of our study and allow it to speak to them in the same way it spoke to us.  This allows also for constructive criticism and correction if need be.  It is the community of scientists who work together towards the truth. It is not our face or voice we want people to hear.  Rather, we lend an ear to the object and allow it to communicate to us its inner wonders knowing that allowing others the freedom and space to lend an ear to the object they may see and hear what we see and hear.  We come closer to the truth as a gathered community rather than as the work of an individual.

No one has a monopoly on the truth.  Karl Barth said that a theologian on their own cannot do theology and in fact they cannot be a theologian at all.  It requires the community of believers to properly engage in theology.  It is the forum where we can be open to constructive criticism as a community rather than an individual.  We take into account there is a Particular who is the guiding light in all that we study.  Jesus Christ is our Particular who has the final word. He is the one who mediates to us directly the inner truths of Himself.  He is in us and we are in Him to the degree that He is closer to us than we are to ourselves.

If there is ever a case where someone or a group of people insist the truth of Jesus Christ must be taken through a lens of a premise, theory, hypotheses or any other presupposition then we are no longer servants of the Truth.  We become slaves to sin.  What I mean is by taking up anything other than what Jesus Christ has disclosed in His Person and work, we becomes enslaved by that wrong way of thinking.  Many of us have experienced personally the very dangerous and damaging effects of beliefs prior to Trinitarian Theology.  The last thing we want to do is to allow ourselves to fall into the same way of wrong thinking. No premise or theory or hypotheses or presupposition can ever come between the relationship of Jesus Christ with ourselves.

The most important relationship we have is the relationship between the Father and the Son.  Before we are even able to utter our first word or even our first thought regarding how we define our relationship with God in Jesus Christ, the reality is our being is one with His being.  We are locked into their loving embrace and are actively involved in their relationship.  In Jesus Christ, we are all one with Him in the face of the Father.  Jesus Christ has made His people a unity in Him before all theology.  The truth begins with Christ in you, the hope of glory which Paul regarded as the riches of the glory of God (Col 1:27).  Let the truth of this drown out everything everyone says further to this.  Let our abiding in the Truth allow us to hear Him first before we consider anyone, or any ministry or anything else.

to be continued . . .