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trinity and transformationSubtitle: J. B. Torrance’s Vision of Worship, Mission, and Society

On the Back Cover:

The Triune God of grace, James B Torrance tirelessly insisted, is the true agent to transform worship, mission and society.  Unfortunately, the church often lapses into moralism and legalism, or exhortations and condemnations, rather than witnessing to the sole-sufficient grace of God in Christ.  When we neglect the Trinityde facto unitarianism shows the throws the church back onto its own existence and resources.  In Christ, however, the church participates through the Spirit in union with Christ’s communion with the Father.  By so doing, it also participates in Christ’s mission to the world.  The essays of this volume articulate and extend Torrance’s evangelical theology, which draws attention away from ourselves and toward the triune God who is for us and for the world.

“James B Torrance was the professor with the pastor’s heart.  As his student at New College, Edinburgh, I particularly valued his emphasis on unconditional grace.  ‘The indicative are prior to the imperative’ he would often say.  In other words, what God has already done for us in Christ must be proclaimed as gospel first before we talk about what our response should be.  His focus was on teaching more than publishing, but this book will help continue his evangelical emphasis on worship, community and the triune God of grace.”
– THOMAS NOBLE, Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, and Nazarene Theological College, Manchester.

“James B Torrance was one of the finest teachers of theology of his generation.  His clarity of thought, extroverted love for the Lord Jesus, and gentle pastoral spirit all combined to leave a profound mark on those who sat in his classrooms.  The urgency of his denunciation of apartheid in South Africa based on the reconciling work of Jesus Christ marked him as a prophetic voice among his peers.  This timely collection of essays is a fine statement of respect which he holds and his enduring legacy that continues among us.”
– ANDREW PURVES, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.



Part I Tributes
1. Introduction Alan Torrance
2. Eulogy at the Service of Thanksgiving, Jeremy Begbie
3. Sermon from Romans 8, Murray Rae
4. An Appreciation Alasdair Heron

Part II Essays
5. Pedagogy of Grace Michael Jinkins
6. Learning from Teaching, Jeremy Begbie
7. Fifteen Years of Teaching Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace, Kerry Dearbon
8. From Pragmatism to Participation: The Impact of Trinitarian Faith on Missiology, Tim Dearbon
9. Prayer and the Priesthood of Christ, Graham Redding
10. Epistemology, Freedom and the Faithful Steward, Scott Rodin
11. James B Torrance and the Doctrine of Sanctification, Alexandra Radcliff
12. God in the Hands of Angry Sinners, C. Baxter Kruger
13. Lifting of the Curse: Athanasius on Making Sense of the Divine “Wrath” and “Propitiation” in the Doctrine of Reconciliation, Robert C. Doyle
14. John Calvin and James B Torrance’s Evangelical Vision of Repentance, Andrew Torrance
15. The Stuttgart Declaration of 1945: A Case Study of Guilt, Forgiveness and Foreign Policy

16. Sheep or Persons? What Luke 15 has to say about Agency and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Jeff McSwain
17. Covenant or Contract in the Interpretation of Paul, <Douglas A Campbell
18. “The One for the Many” Theme in James Torrance’s Theology, Jeannine Michele Graham
19. “Thrown Back on Ourselves”: James Torrance’s Critique of Pelagianism in Christian Life and Worship, Stephen May
20. James B Torrance on the All-Inclusive Humanity of Jesus Christ, Gary Deddo

Part III Primary Source Essay
The Unconditional Freeness of Grace, James B Torrance

Part IV Poems and Memorabilia
Touching Point and the Director’s Cut, Jock Stein
I know How to Pray, James B Torrance
Post Card from Karl Barth
J.B.’s Teaching Diagram: Trinitarian, Incarnation Model

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Scriptural References