Trinity Initiatives – New Zealand

Perichoresis Australia would like to introduce you to Mark McConnell and Ruth McConnell who are founders of Trinity Initiatives.    They are are part of an exciting and growing community from around the world who are caught up in the vision of Perichoresis.  They are passionate about the gospel as was understood in the ancient tradition.  They desire to make this truth known to the wider Christian community as well as everyone in the community at large.  We have gleaned the biographies from their website.  If you live in the New Zealand area and would like further information please visit their website which is located at


Mark is passionate about a relational, relevant and grounded theology based on the truth of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and God’s embrace of humanity and creation in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ

In 1994 Mark gave up his career teaching law to study theology at Regent College, Vancouver, during which time he was Teaching Assistant to JI Packer. He has been involved in pastoral and marketplace ministry in the UK and Canada, gaining a PhD at the London School of Theology.

Mark moved to New Zealand in 2010, with Ruth and their two daughters, to teach theology at Laidlaw College. In 2015 Mark and Ruth founded The Trinity Project. 

Mark still teaches part-time at Laidlaw College and continues to research and write across a wide variety of topics. He loves preaching and teaching and helping people gain a theological means of seeing their lives and the world. 

Mark’s most recent presentations/published work cover: the challenge of secularization; theological meaning and suffering; the integration of theology and psychology; the Gospel and pop culture; shame and the Atonement.

Mark enjoys reading Scandinavian noir thrillers, chatting over good coffee, discovering theological themes in intelligent movies, and listening to the music of Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, The National and Noah Gundersen.

What Mark can offer: preaching, teaching, theological mentoring, leading retreats, consultancy, short-courses, research.

Ruth-McConnellRuth is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with more than 25 years experience as a therapist. She currently holds a part-time Senior Lecturer position in the School of Social Practice at Laidlaw College and specialises in attachment related counselling and parent consulting in her private practice.Ruth completed an MA (Honours) in Psychology at Aberdeen University, followed by a PhD in Counselling Psychology from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. She has authored several journal articles and conference papers and provides professional development workshops for counsellors. 

While living in Vancouver, Canada, Ruth studied theology at Regent College. She also trained with Gordon Neufeld, qualifying as facilitator of his attachment based developmental approach to parenting and teaching. 

Ruth passionately believes that the Trinity grounds all our thinking about the importance of attachment, provides the key to understanding the dynamics of human relationships, and is the foundation for the integration of counselling and theology.

Ruth enjoys running on the beach with the family dog “Panda”, reading a wide variety of soul-nourishing books, sharing good food with friends, upcycling old furniture and foraging in secondhand shops.

What Ruth can offer: professional development for counsellors and teachers, seminars and workshops, teaching, leading retreats.