The Post-Reformers

John Mcleod-Campbell:

The Nature of the Atonement and its Relation to Remission of Sins and Eternal Life 1873 (PDF)

Christ: The Bread of Life 1869 (PDF)

Responsibility for the Gift of Eternal Life 1873 (PDF)

Thoughts on Revelation 1874 (PDF)


Edward Irving

The Doctrine of the Incarnation Opened in Six Sermons (PDF)

Sermon 1: The Beginning of the Origin of the Mystery that the Eternal Word should take unto Himself a Body, is the Holy will and Good Pleasure of God

Sermon 2: The End of the Mystery of the Incarnation is the Glory of God

Part 1. By Manifestation

Part 2. By Action

Sermon 3: The Method is by Taking up the Fallen Humanity

Part 1. The Composition of Christ’s Person

Part 2. The Universal Reconciliation wrought by His Death, and the Particular Election ministered by His Life and Glory

Part 3. The Removal of the Law, and the Bringing in of Grace.

Part 4. Conclusions

Sermon 4: The Preparation for and the very act of the Incarnation of Christ.

Part 1. The Humiliation in Flesh unto Death

Part 2. The Descent into Hell

Sermon 5: The Fruits of the Incarnation

Part 1. Grace and Peace

Part 2. The Promulgation or Preaching the same

Part 3. The Personal Application of the Same

Sermon 6: Conclusions Concerning the Subsistence of God, and the Subsistence of the Creature, derived from Reflecting upon the Incarnation

Sermon 7: The Church with Her Endowment of Holiness and Power

Sermon 8. The Gifts of the Holy Ghost Commonly called Supernatural

Appendix to the Treatise on the Incarnation

HR Mackintosh

The Doctrine of the Person of Jesus Christ

Chapter 1: Christ in the Synoptic Gospels