Select Works of John McLeod-Campbell

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John McLeod Campbell was a 19th century Scottish theologian and author. He entered university when he was only 11 years old and finished his studies when he was 20. Then he went on to study divinity at in Edinburgh where he became a minister at the age of 21. In 1825 John was appointed to the parish in Row.  His hallmark was his preaching that salvation was guaranteed for all believers.  He abhorred the penal character of mainstream atonement theories leading to publication of his own views in The Nature of the Atonement and its Relation to the Remission of Sins which is linked below. His preaching quickly caused much controversy. He was declared a heretic in 1831 by the General Assembly of the Scottish Church. This meant pulpits were closed to him thus depriving him of a living.  John left to the highlands of Scotland as an evangelist for a couple of years. He was able to obtain a position in an independent congregation where he remained for 26 years.