Select Works from Thomas Erskine

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Thomas Erskine (1788 – 1870) wrote extensively on the religious controversies of his time.  He was well known for his book on the Unconditional Freeness of the Gospel and wrote others, Essays on Faith and Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the Truth Revealed Religion. These and other works were of great influence on the more forward thinking pastors and theologians of his day. He especially developed a close relationship with John Mcleod-Campbell. He even helped and supported John during his trial, who was accused of teaching universal salvation.

He was a lawyer to begin with but after an inheritance from the death of brother, he retired from the Bar and devoted himself to the study of questions of theology. He once commented that Calvinism was merely a sheep in wolf’s clothing while Arminianism a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was also heavily engaged in the works of Edward Irving.