The Gospel and Mental Health Sample – Dr Bruce Wauchope

bruceDuring the months of February through to October and December, Dr Bruce Wauchope recorded his sessions at our monthly Meetings.  The Gospel and Mental Health a series that show how the wrong view of the gospel can affect our mental health.  It is a descriptive series that teach how the dualistic and religious approach to understanding the gospel can have a long standing impact on our mental health.  Moving towards a unified approach to the gospel can go a long way in alleviating the pressure that is demanded by the dodgy gospel.  Understanding the liberation of our humanity, spirit and souls brings us to the right place of knowing how much we are loved and this is the way it has been from the very beginning.  It is not prescriptive but has the usual edge and style that is uniquely ‘Bruce Wauchope’ and is very popular by numerous people all around the world.

Bruce Wauchope has a unique insight into describing the fallen mind and how the gospel of Jesus Christ brings real spiritual healing to our damaged souls .  He has had many years of medical and counselling experience in mental health here in Australia. Many admire the manner in which Bruce Wauchope covers our fallen nature and how our lives are lived out within the construct of religion with the mythical G.O.D. construct in our minds.  He shows how the Western mind can obstruct the truth that in Jesus Christ we are loved to the uttermost. Then he moves into how the gospel is the foundation of our repentance, conversion and healing.

The following is a sample video of the first session of twelve in the video series.  To purchase more sessions Click Here