T F Torrance A Theologian for our Times: An Orthodox Assessment – Father George Dragas

This video gives a deep insight into what T F Torrance was like according to someone who studied under him and later viewed him like a father as well as a colleague.  I love the affection Father Dragas shows as he speaks of his many intimate encounters, discussions and precious moments he had with him.  He also shows the deep respect the Greek Orthodox have for T F Torrance with many of their current leaders having been sent to do part of their studies in Edinburgh.  The only real minor differences appear to be more institutional tradition between the Orthodox and the Reformed as well as some theological differences accordingly.  The Greek Orthodox loved T F Torrance’s insights into the Church Fathers and the language he used to describe the heart of their theology.  It would serve the Trinitarians to always have the Orthodox as a guide as well as a well-informed ‘brother’ in our ministries.