Stuart Johnson

stuStuart Johnson is a member of the steering group for Perichoresis Australia.  He is married to his wife Judith and has been a foster carer for many years.  In that time, they have had two children of their own, Carmel and Benjamin, both of them now adults.  They have also had 48 children come into their care and are currently  caring for a young girl, Isabella.

Stuart completed his Bachelor of Ministry at Tabor College in Adelaide in 2008.  He is passionate about the gospel and the works of T F Torrance and Karl Barth and is currently exploring a greater understanding of the relationship between science and theology.  He has also been working on translating the New Testament from the ancient Greek with a particular focus on how the ancient church may have understood the Scriptures.  Combining his work by assisting Perichoresis Australia in managing the content of the website, caring for his wife and foster children and pursuing his passions in theology and hobbies means his life is full.  It is often challenging as he tries to find time for the more important things in life, such as his family.