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kenblueWe are fortunate here in Adelaide because of the depth of teaching we have been able to receive over a number of years on Trinitarian theology and this has given us a true foundation.  However the part Paul talks about in Romans “be transformed by the renewing of your minds” is a work in progress with most of us who attend the monthly meetings.  Some of us have been listening to Ken’s lectures on Galatians and found them most helpful.

In Eugene Peterson’s introduction to the book of Philippians in “The Message” he says:

“…circumstances are incidental compared to the life of Jesus, the Messiah,that Paul experiences from the inside. For it is a life that not only happened at a certain point in history, but continues to happen, spilling out into the lives of those who receive him, and then continues to spill out all over the place. Christ is, among much else, the revelation that God cannot be contained or hoarded. It is this “spilling out” quality of Christ’s life that accounts for the happiness of Christians, for joy is life in excess, the overflow of what cannot be contained within any one person.”

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