• Why the Trinity Matters Audio Downlaod

If you have heard Dr. Baxter Kruger or read his books, then you know that for him the Trinity is not an outdated Christian doctrine, but the center of the cosmos and of human existence within it.  “When I was doing my doctoral studies I came across a statement by Karl Rahner that said that if we had to drop the doctrine of the Trinity as false, the major part of religious literature would remain intact.  That judgment was echoed by other writers of considerable note and it rocked my world.  I resolved there and then to understand how in the world the Christian church had lost its way and gotten so far away from the breathtaking truth.  Come, Holy Spirit, Spirit of truth, Spirit of the Father and Son.  Deliver us from the darkness of Greece that we may know the truth and share in the Trinitarian life given to us by the Father in his Son.

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Why the Trinity Matters Audio Downlaod

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