• Ancient Faith for a Modern World

Five speakers take a look at the early Christian understanding of faith from the ground of the Trinity.  This is contrasted with non-Christian ideas that crept in through Ariaus, Augustine and Tertullian.  They look at church history and show how and why these differences arose and how it has impacted theology even to this day. 

  1. The crisis of the western Church and the way forward - Dr C B Kruger
  2. Damn the Dualisms: Recovering a Trinitarian Doctrine of Creation - Dr Robert Lucas
  3. Encounter and Imagination: The gift of the Triune God - Rev. Cary Stockett
  4. Beauty and Worship - Dr Scott de Hart
  5. Our Mother Tongue: The language of salvation and Sacrament - Dr Daniel K. Dunlap


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Ancient Faith for a Modern World

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