• Paul Young - The Shack Tour Adelaide Pack Sessions 1 - 4 Video Download

It is a book that attempts to describe the indescribable God in layman's terms. The Shack is the modern Pilgrim's Progress that revamps John Bunyan's religious approach to Christianity into the glorious freedom found in the truth of Jesus Christ. 

"We live in a world where 'normal' does not truly exist except as an idea or concept.  For each of us, where and how we grew up plays a foundational role in our sense of 'normal' and only when we begin to experience the 'bigness and diversity' are we tempted to evaluate our roots.  I thought the way I grew up was 'normal' but I think most would probably agree that my history and journey have been a bit unusual." . . .

Overall, I am a very simple guy, I have one wife, six kids and two daughter-in-laws and two grankids on the way.  i work as a general manager, janitor and inside sales guy for a friend who owns a small manufacturers rep company in Milwauki, Oregan, and I live in small rented house in Gresham, Oregan, that Kim has made into a marvelous home.  My time is spent loving the people that are part of my life.  I am not connected, or a part, or a member of, or involved in any sort of organisation or movement anywhere.  The truth is that I doubt anyone would want me.  From my perspective, that is a very positive thing. . . for both of us.  I have lots of incredible friends, and now you are one of those.  Oh yeah, and I wrote this book." William Paul Young

This pack contains sessions 1 -4

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Paul Young - The Shack Tour Adelaide Pack Sessions 1 - 4 Video Download

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