Dr Bruce Wauchope has produced a comprehensive and exhaustive series that bring people to a clear understanding of the framework of thought behind Trinitarian Theology.  He compares it to mainstreal evangelicalism to show where the true freedom of our Christian faith lies.  He traces the thought of the modern Christian back to the ancient church and highlights its fundemental differences.  One propogates fear and the other delivers people from fear into the love and life of the Father, Son and Spirit.  When we discover the ground of our existence lies in the very heart of God Himself in Jesus Christ, we begin to see the world in a totally different and liberating way.

This package contians 12 files in high definition MP4 and will be sold as a package.  The total size of the files are approx 28GB (28000MB).  Please take note of the total size

Once you have downloaded the file, you are free to make copies and hand them around to share with your friends and communities.  You have permisssion to view them in public or by any means that will comminicate the gospel of this Good News.  If you or others feel they benefit from these videos please feel free to make a donation to us through our tab on the home page.

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God: Who and Why MP4 videos for TV

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