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“Accordingly, the Father’s object in commissioning his son was…that we might receive the adoption as sons…Plainly, then, the purpose of the Father in sending his Son, and of the Son in condescending to be born ‘of a woman, under the law,’ was that we might not only be delivered from the greatest evil but might also be crowned with the choicest blessing.”

(William Hendriksen, commenting on Gal. 4:5, in the New Testament Commentary series, Galatians, p. 160).

“Now, because they are sons, God, the Father, having adopted them as sons, has sent forth the Spirit into their hearts. They are his sons; hence they receive the Holy Spirit; hence they become conscious of their sonship (Rom. 8:15). All three persons of the Holy Trinity are indicated in this passage, and their harmonious co-operation as the one true God is beautifully set forth.”

(William Hendriksen, commenting on Gal. 4:6, in the New Testament Commentary series, Galatians, p. 160).

“…having in love foreordained us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to himself according to the good pleasure of his will [Eph.1:5]… When the Father chose a people for himself, deciding to adopt them as his own children, he was motivated by love alone. Hence, what he did was a result not of sheer determination but of supreme delight.”

(William Hendriksen, commenting on Eph. 1:5, in the New Testament Commentary Ephesians, p. 79). series,