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“To hold out the Spirit as a second blessing or additional work of grace is to divorce Spirit from Son, as if the Holy Spirit’s role is to finish a work Christ has not finished; at that point our anthropocentric penchant for synergizing is suddenly foisted upon the Holy Spirit himself! Conversely, states Barth: “The promise of the Spirit . . . is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ . . . In it all things are already given to us and to the world. From the standpoint of the Holy Spirit and His promise, of His presence and action, of the Giver and the gift, there can be nothing lacking here and now to those to whom it is addressed and given.” Barth, then, does not segregate the Spirit according to Christian and non-Christian. The Spirit is given to all people without reserve (Acts 2:17). Here two words of clarification are in order. Firstly, Barth does not mean that possession of the Holy Spirit is something that every human being owns as a default accessory or as an internal or eternal right. “Possession of the Spirit is not a human state,” says Barth, Only Jesus has the Spirit lastingly and totally.” Secondly, human beings cannot exist without being indwelt by the Spirit. There are indeed intermittent movements of the Spirit amongst humans, visiting us as gifts of “transitory and partial bestowals.” However, one must not mistake these movements as concerning a lack of the Spirit’s abiding presence in every person. For Barth, the critical distinction is that the presence of the Spirit is always by grace, always because of God’s act, always because human beings exist in the humanity of Jesus, who shares his fullness of the Spirit with his brothers and sisters.”

“Simul Sanctification.” page 85 (ebook)