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Finished Work of Christ

“Jesus Christ hath perfected and completely finished the great work of redemption, committed to him by God the Father…How sweet a relief is this to them that believe in him against the defects and imperfections of all our services. There is nothing finished that we do…Oh, there is much sin and vanity in the best of our duties…Did Christ finish his work? How dangerous it is to join anything of our own to the righteousness of Christ, in point of justification before God! Jesus Christ will never endure this; it reflects upon his work dishonorably: he will be all, or none…Can we finish that which Christ could not? No, no, Christ is no half Saviour. Oh, it is a hard thing to bring these proud hearts to live upon Christ for righteousness. God humbles proud nature by calling sinners wholly from their own righteousness to Christ for their justification…Jesus Christ is not only called the author, but the finisher of our faith.”

(John Flavel, The Fountain of Life [1671], pp. 424, 430, 431)