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Objective work Of Christ

“The old man is crucified; I take him with me to the tomb and, as I rise, it is you who rise in me. As I ascend to the Throne it is you who ascend with me. You are a new creation. Henceforth your life shall flow from me and from my Throne.”

(F. J. Huegal, The Enthroned Christian, p. 59).

“What falls to the Head, falls to each member of the body. What happened to the Saviour, befell Him in His character as Son of Man, the Federal Head of a redeemed Humanity, and therefore is communicated, ipso facto, to every member of His body.”

(F. J. Huegal, The Enthroned Christian, p. 12).

“Judicially ‘the old creation’ died when He died. Our doubting it, or even our believing it, does not alter the fact any more than a blind man’s doubts regarding the existence of the sun in any wise affects the constitution of the universe.”

(F. J. Huegal, The Enthroned Christian, p.23).