What about Union?

The following videos discuss the importance of union.  Union begins in the Person of Jesus Christ through whom all things were created and in Him all things consist and are held together.  From the point of the Incarnation, when the Word became flesh, the Humanity of Jesus Christ is indelibly joined to our humanity. He therefore becomes our High Priest, living and speaking in Himself the things of Man to God and the things of God to man all for our sake and on our behalf. There is no part of our being, as believers or not, that is not united to Jesus Christ who, in turn, is united to the Father.  On the one hand, we can wholeheartedly trust all that Jesus Christ has to say concerning the ways and works of God, on the other hand, we can be assured that we are reconciled to the Father in Him. In turn, we can be assured that Jesus Christ is united to every single human being that ever existed and holds them in loving embrace as He is in loving embrace of the Father by the Spirit.

In him the self-knowledge of God has become incarnate in the two-way relation between the Father in heaven and Jesus Christ on earth, into which we may be initiated through union with Christ. Thus the closed circle of knowing between the Father and the Son has been inserted into the realm of contingent reality where we human beings belong, intersecting our human knowledge of one another and of the world, in such a way that in Jesus Christ we may share in the very knowledge which God has of himself” (T F Torrance, Trinitarian Faith p.59f).

What is Union Pt 1

What about Union Pt 2

What about Union Pt 3

What about Union Pt 4

Union in Summary Pt 5