Perichoresis Monthly Meeting March 2013

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We will be running a series of short videos to address the common questions people may be wanting us to address. These are the ‘What about,’ and the ‘What if’ Frequently asked questions we receive in our emails and discussions with people all around the world.

Take into consideration that we do not have sophisticated video and audio equipment. The audio is received through the camera rather than through a microphone. The audio will be boosted to maximum on the editing software and hopefully this will make it suitable enough for the internet audience.

The Panel will consist of Dr Bruce Wauchope, Steve Alan and Stuart Johnson. If you have any questions you would like us to address in our Panel sessions just email me at

We thank Vanessa Kersting for her contribition to the intro of this video. Please go to and support this wonderful music ministry.

Reverend David Kowalick is the Pastor for the Fishgate Church here in Adelaide. He believes God is calling him to the mission field, especially in Asia. He is also an active member of Perichoresis Australia and is when of the leading authorities on the gospel according the Trinity. His aim is to go into communities that have very little resources and equip and teach the church as well as anyone else who is willing to listen the Trinitarian gospel as presented to us in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. In this video, he talks about his vision and plan.

If you are interested in supporting David Kowalick or finding out more about what he plans to do, you can contact him by email at

Rev David Kowalick

The Christian Life

Faith Pt 1: What it is and what it isn’t

Faith Pt 2: History of Faith

Reverend David Kowalick

Faith: What it is and what it isn’t

The History of Faith

The Gift of Faith

What about Hebrews 11?