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The Panel Series

We will be running a series of short videos to address the common questions people may be wanting us to address. Our central focus is always God who is revealed as the Man, Jesus Christ.  These are the ‘What about,’ and the ‘What if’ Frequently asked questions we receive in our emails and discussions with people all around the world. Take into consideration that we do not have sophisticated video and audio equipment. The audio is received through the camera rather than through a microphone. The audio will be boosted to maximum on the editing software and hopefully this will make it suitable enough for the internet audience.

The Panel consists of Dr Bruce Wauchope, Rev David Kowalick, Steve Allen and Stuart Johnson. If you have any questions you would like us to address in our Panel sessions just email me at

We thank Vanessa Kersting and the Sweet Sorrows for their contribution to the intro of this video. Please go to and support this wonderful music ministry.

Dr Bruce Wauchope

Rev David Kowalick

Steve Allan

Stuart Johnson

Dr Ian Fuss

Wes Chambers


Dodgy Gospel; Matt. 11.25-30; John 1.12; What about the Bible; Gospel and Mental Health

The Christian Life; Rev. David Kowalick; Faith, What is it; Its History; Gift; Hebrews 11

The Atonement, Where do we start; The Death of Christ Pt 1; The Death of Christ Pt 2

What is Union? Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Union in Summary; 

Heaven and Hell from a Trinitarian Perspective Parts 1 -4

Dr Bruce Wauchope: On worship; David Kowalick: On Marriage; Ron Miller: Journey; Q & A

Rev David Kowalick: The Goal of Salvation Pts 1 and 2

Rev David Kowalick: The Spirit of Glory Pt 1 and 2


Dr Bruce Wauchope on Union

Who is Jesus Christ? Parts 1 to 7

Easter Parts 1 to 4