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Our Speakers for 2013

Wes Chambers – February 2012

Excerpts from a conversation with a beloved daughter

“Hey Dad

What do you guys at Peri really believe? Some people say you have some funny different beliefs. I have heard also that you are Universalist in your belief. How have your beliefs changed since you started believing this stuff about the trinity. Is it really all that important?”

“Well Dear it is like this”

A Trinitarian understanding of the gospel has resulted in a huge shift in my understanding of who God is and it has had significant implications in my life. I will share some of my journey over the past 15 years with you; do come prepared to share what our Father is doing in your life.

Ron Miller – March 

Ron explores some of the insights he as gained from International bestseller The Shack by William Paul Young



Rev David Kowalick – July

The Resurrection Pt 1 & 2

Why did Jesus rise from the dead? How did he overcome the power of death? I believe the answer to these questions is entirely contingent upon the virtue of the bond of love between the Father and the Son. Yet the centrepiece of many Easter sermons, rather than being all about the bond of love between of the Father and the Son, is commonly quite the opposite. It concerns me how quickly so many well-meaning believers abandon the bedrock of faith and the creeds in favour of some pet theory of atonement. In this study we will review the passion of Christ in light of the union between the Father and Son and understand its implications for our faith and confidence in the resurrection.

Gail Miller – August

Author & Speaker

Her background is in dentistry, having spent 20 years doing dental treatment on children, through the School Dental Service. She liked to build good relationships with her patients and by the time she finished dentistry, she seldom used local anaesthetic, because she could sing or recite excerpts from Play School or Winnie the Pooh with tiny tots or discuss NCIS or X Files with teens and by the time they’d had their chat, the treatment was over. Yes, children could talk whilst she had her hands in their mouths !

From dental treatment to Medical Reception for Obstetricians, she continued to provide great service and again build good relationships with the clients. Yet, she had a nagging desire to do something more fulfilling.

She was raised to treat everyone as equals, no matter what colour, religion or social standing, so when her Mum was treated poorly in a wheelchair, the injustice lurked deep within for many years. After hearing a 99 year old motivational speaker, she knew that she should start to write a book about that injustice, to endeavour to achieve a better deal for those in wheelchairs. In 2011 Gail focused, took action and embarked on a journey into the unknown – She became an Author and a Speaker.

September – Dr Bruce Wauchope

Objective Union Pt 1 and 2

If we are understand the gospel in the most full way then it is important that we begin with a reference point that is outside of us.  This is not something that is decided by us but is knowledge which is revealed to us.  It is knowledge that has been joined to us and we have been joined to Him.  Many of us remember when we were younger in our faith the importance of the Bible as the final authority.  However, we might take this a step further and say that Jesus Christ Himself is the final authority.  Ultimately, it is the knowledge of God in Person that has a deep and profound effect on us.  Yet, we often miss the point of what it means to meet God in Person as revealed to us in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ, the Person, is God and humanity together.  This is the most truest truth there is and is the launching pad for everything we say about God and about humanity.  This is what we call objective union.  You cannot talk about any human being without the knowledge of Jesus Christ who has united Himself to them and at the same time He is united to the Father.  If we hold onto this as the fundamental truth then we invariably say the same thing as God.

Dr Bruce Wauchope is going to discuss the importance of Objective Union and what this looks like.  That is, we, along with all creation, are united with the Messiah, who is YAHWEH incarnate, the great I AM.  He will show us what this model looks like and how it makes Jesus Christ look bigger.  By contrast he will show how beginning with separation ultimately makes Jesus look smaller.

Rev. David Kowalick

October – Christian Marriage Pt 1 – 2

The nature of the marriage relationship portrayed in Paul’s famous words in the fifth chapter of Ephesians seems to be almost universally misunderstood. Unfortunately all reference to Christ in this passage is overlooked and instead we project our own fallen ideas of ‘headship’ and ‘submission’ onto it.  This is hardly surprising given the broken role models we have all been exposed to say nothing of the vested interest of men in maintaining the status quo of a power imbalance massively skewed in their favour.

If we really want to get some idea of what the model husband looks like then we must look directly at Jesus Christ.  Then we can reread Paul’s words about the relationship of the husband and wife in the light of the relationship between Christ and the Church. The key phrase in this passage is of course this: “As Christ loved the church.”( Ephesians 5: 25). Once we understand what that looks like then – and only then – can we begin to discuss what the model husband looks like.

The same principle is also true of the wife as well. As Christ submits to the Father, so the church is to submit to Christ, and the wife to the husband.  In a way, Jesus is not only the model husband; he shows us what the model wife looks like as well. Real submission is all about receiving and responding to the initiative of self-giving love.

Of course if you’re anything like me you’re imperfect and broken and all this can seem like an impossible dream.  Marriage isn’t easy – but it can be a beautiful reflection of the love between Father and Son and Holy Spirit and that’s got to be worth aiming for at least.

Rev David Kowalick

Heaven Pt 1 and 2

When I first started out as a church minister people often asked me “What really happens to us when we die? What is the life to come going to be like?” To these questions I gave the standard answers I had inherited from my evangelical up-bringing. But to be honest I never felt entirely at ease with the responses I was so confidently giving. “I ought to look into this and find out what the life to come is really all about.” I thought to myself.

So for the next couple of months I set about doing an exhaustive study of every verse in the Bible that even obliquely referred to life-after-death, and read every book on the subject I could get my hands on.

What I discovered was disconcerting.

It turned out almost nothing I had believed about the life to come was either true or biblical. Most of the things I had once believed owed more to the influence of Western culture rooted in Greek mythology rather than any kind of authentic biblical insight. As disconcerting as this all seemed at the time there was, nevertheless, a positive upside. The actual truth is far and away better than the myth! In this message we will have a quick overview of the hope we in Christ and what the life to come is really all about.

December – Dr Bruce Wauchope

The Overarching Love Story Pts 1-3

Bruce Wauchope is speaking and will be sharing some of the material from the highly acclaimed book he is in the process of writing on The Gospel and Mental Health (we are still waiting). What leads us out of our blindness to see that we have been included in the circle of Father,Son and Spirit from before the foundation of the world is “the overarching love story.” The act of creation, the sustaining of it and creating people to be a part of their Triune fellowship can only be viewed through love and is driven by it.

Please take note on the point Bruce makes on our position on universalism.

February – Wes Chambers: Excerpts from a Conversation

March – Ron Miller: Insights from the Shack

July – Rev David Kowalick: Resurrection Pt 1

July – Rev David Kowalick: Resurrection Pt 2

August – Gail Miller: Author and Speaker Pt 1

August – Gail Miller: Author and Speaker Pt 2

September – Dr Bruce Wauchope: Objective Union Pt 1

September – Dr Bruce Wauchope: Objective Union Pt 2

October – Rev David Kowalick: On Christian Marriage Pt 1

October – Rev David Kowalick: On Christian Marriage Pt 2

November – Rev David Kowalick: Heaven Pt 1

November – Rev David Kowalick: Heaven Pt 2

December – Dr Bruce Wauchope: The Overarching Love Story Pt 1

December – Dr Bruce Wauchope: The Overarching Love Story Pt 2

December – Dr Bruce Wauchope: The Overarching Love Story Pt 3