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Our Speakers for 2010 – Videos below (audio)

Dr Ian Fuss – Natural & Theological Science

A sense of wonder and excitement fills us as we are drawn ever deeper into the story of our world and God. More than this the stories we tell, and listen to, have enormous impact upon our community and us. The Good news of Jesus Christ can rapidly be transformed into bad news with devastating consequences for nations and their people. Conversely when we listen well to the God who tells stories about Himself and His world we glimpse the reality that fills us, leads us, sustains us and brings us joy. Those of us who have the privilege to be witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ do well to be passionate about the truth we tell and to spend our lives and energy in pursuit of the happy and humble sciences whose purpose is to encounter this truth.

T F Torrance gave his life to these things and wrote wonderfully about them. For example his books Space time and incarnation and Space time and resurrection speak of the deep interplay between natural science and the two great miracles of the Christian faith.   Torrance was fascinated by the parallel between the dynamic relational model of the natural world that was largely wrought by Albert Einstein and the dynamic and relational story of God that flowed from the pen of Karl Barth. Einstein released us from the prison of Newton with its absolute space and time into an understanding where space and time took their place as fellow creatures alongside us, carrying a like privilege of relating events in the world. While Barth moved us from the prison of static modernism into a dynamic encounter with the living God, after Barth protestant theology no longer described God like a bird in a cage but rather revealed Him to us in movement and dynamism like a bird in flight.

Ian Fuss, who has been privileged to spend a lifetime in science, will through  light but deep stories  enable us to dip our toes into the happy and humble  sciences of nature and theology and tell the good news they convey to us about ourselves, our world and our God.

Steve Allen – Jesus’ Union with us

Steve believes in the Father Son and Spirit – the Trinity – and that relationship between the Father and the Son (in the Spirit) is the central Truth about God, and this relationship is the key to all of life. Therefore their relationship is the secret to understanding life, our passions and desires, and all things. He believes his love of working with young people (and older people for that matter) originates from, and is actually inclusion and participation in the very love of the Father, Son and Spirit for their beautiful community. Christ in us meeting Christ in them. Simple, yet beautiful. We are there to live in and share the Trinitarian life that has already been given to us and is being played out in our lives every day.

Ron Miller – The Price of our Inclusion

At the monthly Perichoresis meeting on Tuesday April 6th Ron will be discussing our participation in discovering and expressing our creative talents.  Ron Miller has been actively involved with Perichoresis Australia for  a number of years and has witnessed the growth in people as they come to see the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  When God is expressed in this Triune way, their relationship with one another and their express intention and desire to  be Include and draws us into that incredible and unspeakable loving communion, is the beginning of something breathtakingly new. However this journey is not without some pain.  It can be enormously difficult as we allow our old ways and beliefs to fall away and struggle to allow our minds to be renewed with the eternal truth of the Triune God’s love for us.  it is never about what we do.  Rather, it is always about what the loving and gracious God has done and continues to do with us in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

David McGregor – The Judge Judged in our Place

David is married to Gina and has four adult children and four grand daughters. He is a senior lecturer in theology at Tabor Adelaide.   He has previously worked both as a pastor and as a school principal. He is also an elder at Fishgate Uniting Church. He loves modern art, red wine, strong black coffee and a good game of chess.

David is currently working on a PhD in the theology of Karl Barth.  It is very close to his heart and any mention of Barth’s work will light up his eyes.  In the past, many have tried to label and place into a category, the ‘theology’ he teaches.  How can one categorise the Gospel.  When one takes a fresh approach and begins to unpack the voluminous works of Karl Barth, we begin to see that it is Jesus Christ who is the Subject and the Object of all that he has written.  Christian theology is nothing but Good News theology.  The primary concern for Karl Barth is the Gospel and he is therefore evangelical.  David likewise is concerned with the evangelical gospel which his topic today is the Judge judged in our place.

Dr Bruce Wauchope – What is the Gospel?

In the past, describing what the gospel is not has been laid out in detail.  During this session, Dr Bruce Wauchope will begin to lay out what many of you are asking, What is the gospel and what does it look like?  We all have had to come to terms with the implications of the Word made flesh as God of very God who is with us as one of us.  This is an event so huge and far greater than we have ever imagined with a freedom many of us never thought possible.  We are often left with the question of, ‘Where do we go from here and what is it that we must do?’  Bruce will attempt to address this very issue.

Incarnation and Gospel

When one mentions gospel, our first thought is usually the Cross and the resurrection.  This is only part of it.  What we have in the Bible in Luke 2 is the birth of Jesus, the Incarnation, and the Good News of mega proportions announced by an angel to the shepherds for all people.  The angel was not referring to a particular group of people.  Rather, it is good news of mega proportions for all people.  News that would burst through the social divides of Israel and flood all the nations of the world with the love, mercy and grace of God who comes to us as Jesus Christ.  At the same time we cannot overstate the Incarnation at the expense of the Cross and resurrection.  However, what the resurrection tells us is the Incarnation was unstoppable where death could not have its way.  There is a way through!  Instead, the One who is Holy and the ones who are being made holy are one, from the Incarnation to the Resurrection and Ascension.  Understanding this is to grasp the Hebrew spin on sin, righteousness and judgment.  For a clear perspective it is to Jesus we must turn who contains the gospel wholly within Himself.  The One who sanctifies and the ones who are being sanctified are one.

Dr Neil McIntosh – The Mystery of Suffering

For we can never fully comprehend it in full.  Some aspects of it will probably only be understood in glory.  It appears to be universal and in many forms.  For Christ‘s disciples one form – tribulation – was promised.  The presence of it did not stop or even slow the first Apostles in their testimony to Jesus.  We look at some aspects of it over 2 nights, the first on the 6th of July and the second on the 3rd of August. Yes, this talk will run over the next two monthly meetings.

Dr. Neil McIntosh is Emeritus Consulting Surgeon at Flinders Medical Centre, having worked there since it opened in 1976. He trained in Adelaide and London, and has practised in Flinders Medical Centre and South Terrace till retirement in June 2008. He has been a Lay Preacher in the Methodist Church, and in the Uniting Church since union, and is a member of the Coromandel Valley Uniting Church.

February – Dr Ian Fuss: Natural and Theological Science

April – Steve Allen: Jesus Union with Us

April – Ron Miller: Our Inclusion in God

April – David McGregor: The Judge Judged in our Place

May – Dr Bruce Wauchope: What is the Gospel

June – The Incarnation and Gospel Pt 1 and 2

July to August Dr Neil McIntosh: The Mystery of Suffering