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Dr Bruce Wauchope – Living as God Lives

Have you ever wondered what it means to live as God lives.  It is a question that perplexes us all.  We pray that we be more like Jesus but when we actually live our day to day lives, we trip up all the time.  If we try too hard then we end up making a religion of it.  If we don’t try hard enough, then we might slip into a lifestyle contrary to the Spirit.  On the one hand, we have religion and on the other hand, we have lawlessness.  Somewhere in between we have the loving-kindness of God of which we have all been included in and the opportunity to participate.   Yet, what does this look like?  How do we participate in His good favour?


Below are two session recorded from the Tuesday night meeting.  In the first session we wish to advise that some of the content may offend some viewers.  However, the point Bruce is trying to make is a vitally important one regarding the humanity of Jesus Christ.  It is a balancing act to try and hold the two together where we must not relent in our efforts to stress the divinity as well as the humanity of Jesus Christ.  As much as Jesus’ divinity is without question as God from God and Light from Light, we also stress with equal importance Jesus’ humanity as sharing the very same flesh as our flesh.  This also means Jesus was human in the very same way all humans are human and in particular the maleness of Jesus was no different physiologically than any other male.  So as much as we declare that we cannot make Jesus too divine, we also declare that we cannot make Jesus too human.  At the same time we cannot make Jesus too male thus the point you are about to hear is very valid if taken in this context.