Perichoresis Monthly Meeting September Pt 2

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wesFrom confusion to a measure of clarity

There is considerable confusion in the minds of many about the Christian church and what it stands for. One web site tells us that there are over 30,000 different Christian groups on the planet, with an enormous diversity between them with regard to belief and culture. Whatever it stands for, the mainstream Christian denominations seem to be in steep decline in some areas, with other areas growing into mega churches. For those on the outside looking in, it all seems a bit bedraggled and confused, with not a lot to recommend it, in our fast paced technological world. All the while the need of the gospel is patently obvious; more than ever before.

How will they hear, unless they are told…..?

What have we to tell them that is adequate for their lives…..?

How will they hear……?

What is it that is nonnegotiable in the gospel?

What is it that we will stand for regardless of what it costs us

Wes will share some thoughts that have arisen from  his journey; thoughts which no doubt that you have been working through.  Come and join in the conversation