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Bruce Wauchope – Objective Union

If we are understand the gospel in the most full way then it is important that we begin with a reference point that is outside of us.  This is not something that is decided by us but is knowledge which is revealed to us.  It is knowledge that has been joined to us and we have been joined to Him.  Many of us remember when we were younger in our faith the importance of the Bible as the final authority.  However, we might take this a step further and say that Jesus Christ Himself is the final authority.  Ultimately, it is the knowledge of God in Person that has a deep and profound effect on us.  Yet, we often miss the point of what it means to meet God in Person as revealed to us in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ, the Person, is God and humanity together.  This is the most truest truth there is and is the launching pad for everything we say about God and about humanity.  This is what we call objective union.  You cannot talk about any human being without the knowledge of Jesus Christ who has united Himself to them and at the same time He is united to the Father.  If we hold onto this as the fundamental truth then we invariably say the same thing as God.

Dr Bruce Wauchope is going to discuss the importance of Objective Union and what this looks like.  That is, we, along with all creation, are united with the Messiah, who is YAHWEH incarnate, the great I AM.  He will show us what this model looks like and how it makes Jesus Christ look bigger.  By contrast he will show how beginning with separation utlimately makes Jesus look smaller.

Objective Union Pt 1

Objective Union Pt 2