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stuThis month will continue with the same theme as the first talk on Understanding our Bias.  This talk was the foundation for understanding why we think what we do and how this plays a significant role in how we read the Bible and how it affects our understanding of Scripture.  Stuart will try to build on this and show how influences from outside the church have had a dire impact on the gospel. As we uncover more and more about the Nicene Tradition, many questions are being raised as to why some of the beliefs that were articulated in their writings often appear to contradict some passages in our modern translations.  This raises a great deal of suspicion over this period of history and this is very unfortunate.  At the same time, in some aspects of mainstream theology the message is very distorted and often can become very ugly. This is very unhelpful for those who are endeavouring to advance the cause of the gospel.

What is the alternative?  Jesus Christ of course!  We come to Him as living sacrifices and let Him wash us with the very knowledge of God as contained in Himself.  Here we have God who is not squeamish about sin and death and is the Holy one among us, with us, in us and in union with all things.  Union is the key to understanding the gospel in its right context.  When we stand where the apostles stood and attempt to see what they saw, when we stand where the ancient Fathers stood and see what they saw when they stood in the very same place as the apostles, Scripture reveals a story that is seamless and consistent through Jesus Christ and Israel culture.  How does this have an impact when we attempt to translate the ancient Greek in modern English? This will be the heart of this months talk.

This talk will focus on influences of what Torrance and Barth call the Latin Heresy.  Along with the Calvinist’s doctrine of Predestination, this has given a filter that has placed a veneer over the truth.  Juridical terms have entered into theology twisting and distorting the beauty of the gospel and wrenching it from the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  What Stuart will try to do is to show how terms and concepts were understood in the contemporary Roman and Greek world and who how it can shed a totally different light on what the bible is conveying.

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