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Adrian Kenny – Wine and Theology

Come along and join us in what will be one of our most interesting meetings to date. In the Christian life, secular vocation is often relegated to a calling lower to ministry. In actual fact, our whole lives, including our work, secular or sacred, is an act of holy worship in our service to God and to one another. Some people get excited about rocks. Others are excited by bugs. What might appear mundane and dreary to one person may cause another person’s eyes to light up, to come alive and keen to share their passion with others in the hope they will see the excitement. However, there is an overwhelming consensus among our Perichoresis community that there is nothing mundane or dreary about the world class vineyards in our region as well as the world class wines they produce. In addition to this, we have a winemaker who has seriously thought about the implications of wine making and theology. This sounds as smooth as Cabernet Merlot, spicy as Shiraz and as sexy as Chardonnay! Let’s not get too carried away here! This sounds like a meeting not to be missed.

Adrian Kenny is a keen student of Perichoretic teaching and how it applies to his role as a winemaker in McLaren Vale. Please come and join us for an evening of vineyard and winery theology which will include sensory and blending sessions. No experience necessary!

In the first session Kenny will deliver a gospel overview using wine production and Ephesians 1 as the core basis. The idea is then to move onto John 15 describing grapevine structure and grappling with the unity and life we have in Jesus. The second session will look at the basics of wine sensory analysis through involving the senses of smell, taste and vision. We will then move into a time of tasting and blending once again looking at the concepts of distinction and oneness. Q&A is encouraged with the overarching idea that our Dad’s ministering to us, encapsulating all of our senses as well as our mind.