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The Central Truth about God Pt 1 – March
Steve believes in the Father Son and Spirit – the Trinity – and that relationship between the Father and the Son (in the Spirit) is the central Truth about God, and this relationship is the key to all of life. Therefore their relationship is the secret to understanding life, our passions and desires, and all things. He believes his love of working with young people (and older people for that matter) originates from, and is actually inclusion and participation in the very love of the Father, Son and Spirit for their beautiful community. Christ in us meeting Christ in them. Simple, yet beautiful. We are there to live in and share the Trinitarian life that has already been given to us and is being played out in our lives every day.

Jenny Richards is a lecturer in law who also effectively gets paid to study theology, as she is writing a thesis on theological covenant and legal theory. This is a great line of work for her. Jenny has been quite blown away by the covenantal love of the Triune God which is ours in Christ and to sit down with a good coffee, fine chocolate and a book or conversation on that topic is one of her favourite things. She also enjoys trying to keep up with her multitude of nephews and nieces and other family (biological and adopted) and basically spend time with people. Knitting and a little bit of woodworking are two of her more recent hobbies but she will pretty much go wherever the people she loves are.

Jenny spends time outlining the work of T.F Torrance and J.B Torrance on the issue of covenant, particularly by comparing theological covenants with contracts (which is something J.B focused on in particular). It is very easy to confuse those two notions and yet to a lawyer, the difference is significant, in that they are clearly opposite. Can’t really get more different than that! We will also consider what T.F said on these issues, particularly as they relate to his work on the Incarnation of Jesus. Understanding what it means that we are in covenant with the Father Son and Spirit, in Jesus, has a huge effect on the way in which we view God, the God we actually find ourselves believing in underneath our theology, and what we believe about ourselves and each other as a result. It is a profound and beautiful relational truth which changes everything.