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stuWhen one mentions gospel, our first thought is usually the Cross and the resurrection.  This is only part of it.  What we have in the Bible in Luke 2 is the birth of Jesus, the Incarnation, and the Good News of mega proportions announced by an angel to the shepherds for all people.  The angel was not referring to a particular group of people.  Rather, it is good news of mega proportions for all people.  News that would burst through the social divides of Israel and flood all the nations of the world with the love, mercy and grace of God who comes to us as Jesus Christ.  At the same time we cannot overstate the Incarnation at the expense of the Cross and resurrection.  However, what the resurrection tells us is the Incarnation was unstoppable where death could not have its way.  There is a way through!  Instead, the One who is Holy and the ones who are being made holy are one, from the Incarnation to the Resurrection and Ascension.  Understanding this is to grasp the Hebrew spin on sin, righteousness and judgment.  For a clear perspective it is to Jesus we must turn who contains the gospel wholly within Himself.  The One who sanctifies and the ones who are being sanctified are one.

Incarnation & Gospel