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Gail Miller – Author & Speaker

Her background is in dentistry, having spent 20 years doing dental treatment on children, through the School Dental Service. She liked to build good relationships with her patients and by the time she finished dentistry, she seldom used local anaesthetic, because she could sing or recite excerpts from Play School or Winnie the Pooh with tiny tots or discuss NCIS or X Files with teens and by the time they’d had their chat, the treatment was over. Yes, children could talk whilst she had her hands in their mouths !

From dental treatment to Medical Reception for Obstetricians, she continued to provide great service and again build good relationships with the clients. Yet, she had a nagging desire to do something more fulfilling.

She was raised to treat everyone as equals, no matter what colour, religion or social standing, so when her Mum was treated poorly in a wheelchair, the injustice lurked deep within for many years. After hearing a 99 year old motivational speaker, she knew that she should start to write a book about that injustice, to endeavour to achieve a better deal for those in wheelchairs. In 2011 Gail focused, took action and embarked on a journey into the unknown – She became an Author and a Speaker.

Gail Miller Pt 1

Gail Miller Pt 2

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