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Stuart Johnson

Isn’t it strange that the more we preach the hieghts, depths, widths and the breadths of the overwhelming loving kindness of God, the more the mainstream Christians hold this with grave suspicion.  When we realise that all we have before us is Jesus Christ who is the measure of all things pertaining to God and we try to preach Him alone, the more controversy is stirred among the Christian community.  We stay within the bounds of Jesus Christ as the only one who knows God and draw uout the implications then we are bombarded with as much fury as the London Blitz of WWII.  On the one hand we have the mainstream evangelicalism accusing us of universalism.  On the other hand, we have universalists trying to place Trinitarian theology firmly in their basket.  Trinitarian theology in the tradition of the ancient catholic church is a far cry from either evangelicalism and universalism.  T F Torrance calls Limited Atonement (includes both Calvinism and Arminianism) and Universalism the “Twin Heresies” because they both use the same method of thinking to logically come to their conclusions.  When we begin with Jesus Christ we can better navigate the issue of universalism and come up with a much safer position.

Universalism Pt 1

Universalism Pt 2