Perichoresis Monthly Meeting April 2011

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bruceThis talk will be looking at the worldview foundations that we have in western thought and how they affect and limit our ability to see and participate in Jesus Christ.  Why do we believe what we believe?  It is this sort of question that must be answered before we can progress to a clearer understanding of cosmology.  We often have our world view imposed on the Biblical worldview that clashes with the ancient tradition laid down by the early church Fathers.  Once we re-align our seeing and knowing with what the apostles, and the ancient fathers were seeing and knowing a whole different and fresh picture emerges.  A lot of what passes for Western “Christianity” falls naturally out of a worldview which has newtonian cosmology in its foundation.  What this means is our modern way of knowing and seeing is added to the biblical wordview where this changes and distorts the gospel landscape.  However, if we stand alongside the apostles and the ancient church fathers and allow what they saw and heard to teach, inform and change us, we have a solid and consistent cosmology that strengthens our gospel foundation.  A grand more beautiful gospel landscape begins to emerge.  While this sounds pretty difficult I hope to be able to lay this out fairly simply and clearly for us to see.

This topic underpins the talks on dualism that have been done previously.  The information in these talks is triggered, inspired and taken from the talks that Tom Torrance has done on the Ground and Grammer of Theology.