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Photo.David McGregorDavid is married to Gina and has four adult children and four grand daughters. He is a senior lecturer in theology at Tabor Adelaide.   He has previously worked both as a pastor and as a school principal. He is also an elder at Fishgate Uniting Church. He loves modern art, red wine, strong black coffee and a good game of chess.

David is currently working on a PhD in the theology of Karl Barth.  It is very close to his heart and any mention of Barth’s work will light up his eyes.  In the past, many have tried to label and place into a category, the ‘theology’ he teaches.  How can one categorise the Gospel.  When one takes a fresh approach and begins to unpack the voluminous works of Karl Barth, we begin to see that it is Jesus Christ who is the Subject and the Object of all that he has written.  Christian theology is nothing but Good News theology.  The primary concern for Karl Barth is the Gospel and he is therefore evangelical.  David likewise is concerned with the evangelical gospel which his topic today is the Judge judged in our place.

The Judge Judged in our Place