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Ministry of the Spirit

dkReverend David Kowalick is the Pastor of the Fishgate Uniting Church.  His passion is to evangelise wherever in the world God is calling him.  He is a long time active member of the Perichoresis Australia Steering Committee.  These audios are a series the Ministry of the Spirit taken from a truly Trinitarian perspective.  The Spirit is mystery but much about the Spirit can be gleaned from the Son.  Everything the Father has, has been given to the Son.  The Spirit takes from the Son and makes it known to us.  To gain knowledge of the Father, the Father directs us to the Son.  The Spirit also reminds us everything the Son did and said about the Father as it is also the very same thing He is saying about the Spirit.  It is the Spirit who makes the knowledge of God come alive within our beings giving us the privilege to truly know God for ourselves.

Pt 1 & 2

 Pt 3 & 4