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The Perichoresis Family has the understanding there is “No Separation” in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christ says we understand when we become aware in the ‘Day of the Spirit” (John 14 v 20) that …

o I am in My Father o You are in Me
o I am in You

…. there is no separation here. …. there is no separation here….. there is no separation here.

Jesus Christ is in the Father.
The Father, Word and Spirit are God. They are three Persons, One being. They are relational, a community of Love and Intimacy, where the Father is in and loves the Son in the Spirit, and the Son is in and loves the Father in the Spirit, where the Father is in and loves the Spirit in the Son, and the Spirit is in and Loves the Father in the Son, etc and so on in a community of Oneness, knowing, other-centredness and reciprocity, where they are in each other, in union with each other, knowing each other, still themselves and fully in the other, never violating the other, serving the other, One Being, three divine “Persons” in huge awesome infinite relationships of love. Staggering really.

There is full distinction and full union. They are One. They are Love.

They are never without each other. They had a dream that we would exist and be caught up in their love and Eternal Life. They were together; in loving each other, in dreaming of our existence in them, in creating the Universe, in the completing and redeeming of the Universe for this Eternal love story and purpose. They are One. They are Love. Only Love would create and Only Love would redeem.

This Union is contiguous with the Jewish understanding of Union.
The Shema (Deut 6 v 4 ), has YHWH Elohim, “God” ( plural), being One.

We are in Jesus Christ.
All of creation was made Inside the Word. He made and sustains and gives life to the Universe. It and all of it and its beings, without exception, are made and held together in and through and by and for the Word / Jesus Christ. In that which He made, is his Life, He gives Life to all and this Life is the Light of men. This creating of the Universe and all in it without exceptions, was done in Jesus Christ AND, with the Father and the Spirit. They are ONE. Our Creation is of the Father, through the Son, and in the Spirit. We are in them.

We are in a Union between the Uncreated Word (with the Father and Spirit) and the Creation.
Our first Union is between the Created and Uncreated, where the Uncreated Ones sustain Creation. This is our Union, which also has Distinction and Union. The Union is fully free, there is no control, the Universe is Open and Free, but it is held together and given life by, and has interventions from the Word. This freedom in creating and sustaining with no control is called Contingence.

If in our Union we “remove” Distinction we are left with Pantheism. If we “remove’ our Union, we are left with Deism. Neither are correct for we have Union and Distinction, thus we have Contingence. We are in Christ, In Union with Him and with Distinction.

However, for their dream to be fulfilled, the created needs to be able to share in the uncreated life. We are creatures and the Father Son and Spirit are uncreated. They give us life and hold us together as creatures. There is another change required, in this the Uncreated give us their uncreated existence, to transfigure us, to enable us to share in their uncreated Life, so we could be caught up to share in their Eternal Life and Love. For this to happen the Word was going to join to His creation to bring us into their Eternal life, in and through himself.

I am in You
However, the creation lost sight of this Union and walked in darkness. In Eden, it says Adam despite being in the presence of the Father Word and Spirit, felt alone. He felt alone as a man, not able to relate with the Intimate Ones, while in their very presence. We didn’t know who we were. Adam didn’t know Sonship. Our capacity for participation in our Union with Father Word and Spirit was blinded. This is darkness. As the Word gives us Life and this Life is our Light, our loss of the ability to participate in their Life placed us on the road to non-being, in darkness, to nothingness, to death. This was not the purpose of creation.

Then it was compounded. From within this sense of aloneness, in league with dark angels, operating from fear and a sense of rejection we ate from the tree of morality. We ate from the tree of the knowledge of good/bad, and from in us, a conscience emerged. Subsequently guilt, combining with fear and rejection produced shame. Our Flesh was born. Our Flesh, the sense of aloneness, fear, rejection, guilt, and shame then produced more and more complicated layered responses and drives in and between us. Relationality, unconditional love and relationships receded even further in our consciousness.

With the rolling of history, all manner of compounding mess darkness and evil flowed from our Flesh. A dark world system emerged. Father Son and Spirit were grieved, this was not we were made for.

So, to bring us alive, to enable us to see, to fulfil the eternal dream, to let us know who we are, the Word while holding the Creation together, became part of his Creation, he became one of us to share the life that he has with the Father and Spirit with us. The uncreated Word, stepping into his creation while holding it together, became reduced to the limitations of a human. This incarnate God Man, Jesus Christ, was One with the Word who holds all things together and he was One with the Father and Spirit. The Mystery of the Incarnation is a staggering event surpassing our ability to fully comprehend such a gracious act on the part of God.

The Word became an embryo, and grew into an Adult. This person was still One with the Father and Spirit. They were One together in the Incarnate Jesus Christ. The Word, with the Father and Spirit had stepped into what THEY had made.

However, the Word becoming a human did not take the Image they had intended for us, but took our fallen perverted dark nature, our sense of aloneness. He took our flesh. The Word became “flesh” and stepped into the lost human condition. In doing this the Word was not alone but as always, One with the Father and Spirit. The Word stepped into what WE had made, stepped into what they were not familiar with. The Word was always going to join to creation to transfigure us to share in the Life of God, but now he was entering into our sewage pit. The Word became flesh and dwelt in us.

There is Union between the Father Word and Spirit they are One. There is a Union between the Word and Jesus Christ, they are One. There is a Union between the Father Word and Spirit and Jesus Christ, they are One.

In stepping into our darkness our blindness, there is now Union in Jesus Christ’s being between the Uncreated Word (and Father and Spirit) and our human depravity, lostness, blindness and darkness. Our Flesh. The Word became Flesh.

As a human he maintained his Oneness with the broken dark humanity he had taken, and also his Oneness with the Father and Spirit. He brought together our darkness he had taken and the Father and Spirit, to meet, to sort out our Flesh so that eventually they could dwell at peace in him. He brought these incompatibilities together in his being, in his body, in his constitution as mediator. One was Love and One was blinded to Love. One was full Person, one lacked personhood and identity. He didn’t let go of either, and through his being he brought our aloneness he shared to see the face of the Father and know Sonship. Our flesh, our sense of aloneness, rejection fear guilt and shame, was met with the unconditional love and the embrace and giving of Sonship and identity from the Father Word and Spirit. Our bowed head in Christ was picked up and our heart was healed.

There was a lot of turmoil, wrestling, groaning and prayer to sort us out in the body and being of Christ before WE put then the first Adam to death, in our rage, on the Cross. Before we, in the Mystery of God, participated in our salvation by killing ourselves off, in killing Christ.

He made the peace, he made the At-One-Ment in his being. He brought the revelation of his Father, and reconciliation, sanctification, redemption, justification to our blindness our darkness our diseased flesh, He did this in himself. He completed our Atonement in his being giving us his relationship with the Father, giving us the New Covenant.

In doing so he renewed Adam and the Human Race in his being. As we killed him off, he took the first Adam in whom we shared to the grave and in his resurrection, He renewed Adam and all of us and humanity. We can see the Fathers face and no longer feel alone. Jesus Christ is now the New Adam having accomplished far more than Adam lost.

Because He holds all things together as Creator and because he took all our form in the Old Adam which he renewed into the New Adam, in this Union we share in his; Life, his Baptism, his death, his resurrection, his ascension and his relationship with the Father and Spirit.

Due to His Union as Creator and Sustainer and his Union into our Flesh,

When he was baptised, we were baptised. When he died, we died,
When he rose, we were born again.
When he ascended, we ascended In HIM

This is all from his Union as Creator combined with His Union with our Flesh in us.

He did his work to us while we were dead in our trespasses and sins, he did this while we were helpless and without strength, while we were still sinners, and while we were his enemies. While we were lost and blind, he made us alive together in himself and raised us from the dead in himself and caused us to come with him in his ascension to sit with His Father. He did not ask our permission or obtain our agreement prior to doing this and we did not choose in.

The Beloved Son, who was sharing Love with the Father and Spirit before Creation, is IN us, IN our darkness, sharing this Love, this Sonship, this Childship IN all of Humanity.

This Union with all, is a Union we did not make or cause to happen, it is a Union we can’t break, can’t forge undo or change. This work this Union, it is an indicative, a fact, a reality, even if we may not be aware of it.

We did not ask for the Eternal dream that caused our creation, we did not ask for the darkness of Adam and his aloneness and flesh, and we did not ask for the coming of Christ and him being united to us, in us, remaking us, giving life into our darkness sharing his life and relationship of the Father with us.

There is now a Union in Christ between the Father Word and Spirit and all of Creation in Jesus Christ. There is no separation, just darkness and our blindness which is lifting.

“In that day you will know that I am in my Father, You are in me and I am in you”.

In that day…..
Christ is inside us, inside our Flesh, at the bottom of our darkness holding us together in the places we don’t want to go. Any thought of separation is not possible.

The Holy Spirit is blowing in us, unveiling our eyes for us to see Christ in us. We wake up inside a finished work, in an embrace from the inside and outside.

Saul saw Christ IN him and around him on the road to Damascus, saying later “when God chose to reveal his Son IN me”. Then symbolically, metaphorically and literally our Apostle, the Apostle to the Gentiles had scales fell from his eyes. He is our living parable. Christ removes our blindness our aloneness from the inside. We discover he is in us. The Word became flesh and dwelt in us.

Paul proclaimed that we don’t ask who will bring Christ down to us from heaven nor up to us from the dead. But that he is in us, in our mouth and in our heart. We find him there. He became Flesh and so He is in us and not just in our nice areas and parts, but He is in us, in our darkness, in and under our depravity that we struggle with.

We are called to let him love us, to be conformed to his love, to not run from ourselves but be present, remain with Him in ourselves for he is in us in our pain. The journey is inwards into his arms down into our mess and pain, not upwards and climbing to a self-created deity.
Our Flesh, the sense of aloneness, fear, rejection, guilt, and shame which we don’t want to go near is where we meet him. The Spirit pulls us, into our pain in us, to face ourselves. And who do we become aware of us in this place but Christ. We receive knowledge of Childship into where we feel invalidated, where we believe we are not, into our I am not’s we receive his I am. In Christ in us, the personhood, relationality, unconditional love and relationships of the Father Son and Spirit are shared with us. Healing is from the inside out.

Christ is all and in all. In us He is our hope of glory. He is the Mystery hidden from all ages, the secret from the beginning of time now revealed in Us.

We may want to clean ourselves up to be acceptable to God, but this is not possible, and he has not given our self-will any room or option here. But it is precisely here in the parts that we feel unacceptable is where we know he is our Saviour. The Spirit unveils who he is as the new Adam and what he has achieved and in us our needs helps us participate with him. In our needs we ask for help and the Spirit takes unveils Christ in us and helps us and shares in his life. This is our ongoing prayer in all our pain, mess, parts, and situations. The Spirit takes the New Adam and helps us participate in our Union with Him. Full distinction and full union. All of Christ and All of Me and full participation.

The Holy Spirit who is One with Christ in us unveils Christ in us. The Spirit and the Father were in Christ when he sorted us out in himself and they share Christ with and in us. In sharing in Him we share in his relationship with his Father. Home.
As we grow in this, the dark angels also begin to see what we see, and begin to know the Eternal Love story as Father Son and Spirit wanted.

So, in every way he is our Saviour.

We were made In Him, were given Freedom, and went dark. The Son the creator then entered our existence and darkness, remade us in himself and gave us his Life and Light. We now share in His uncreated Eternal Life with His Father and they are One.

There is now a Union in Christ between the Father Word and Spirit and all of Creation in Jesus Christ.

“In that day you will know that I am in my Father, you are in me and I am in you”.