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karl_barthKarl Barth’s main concern in helping people to see his vision is they adopt a theology of freedom.  In doing so, people would be set free from their paranoid subjectivities and inferiority complexes that is the hallmark of much of Western societies.  Such theology would give a new impetus to understanding what it is that God has done towards the whole human race in His freedom and grace in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  It would switch from freedom from to freedom for.  That is freedom from fears of terrorist’s threats, China emerging as a superpower and political entities that are different from our own way of life.  Whatever we do in life, we can do so in freedom.  In Christ we are given the dignity courtesy and respect as human beings who are truly loved by their Creator.  Likewise, we can treat others with that very same Spirit of dignity courtesy and respect and love each other in a truly genuine and eternal way of being.  This gives us an authentic human way of life that has a genuine concern for others.

It is very worthwhile taking note of what Pope Paul VI said of Karl Barth. He was the greatest theologian ever known since Thomas Aquinas and even greater than him.  The Eastern church have said the same thing.  The very same could be said of T F Torrance.  Many in the Eastern Church are endeavouring to read the work of Karl Barth and T F Torrance extensively as part of their studies.

For a more extensive introduction to Karl Barth, the book below edited by Clifford Green is a great place to start.

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