Gregory Nazianzus Oration 22:13 etc.

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13. I am referring of course to the internal conflict that recently arose between brothers and has brought dishonour to both God and man. God is dishonoured by the view that he was not even born for us at all nor nailed to the cross, and, obviously, was neither buried nor arose, as some perverse “lovers of Christ” have thought, but receives honour only here on earth—where honour is in reality dishonour. The result is that he is cut—or combined—into two sons. Man, on the other hand, is dishonoured by the view that he was not fully assumed, or honoured, but was rejected and estranged in his greatest attribute, the greatest attribute in man’s nature being precisely his divine image and intellectual faculty. For the uniting of Christ’s divinity would necessarily require the dividing of his humanity, and those who are in other respects wise would be mindless with regard to his mind and I should not be wholly saved, I who have wholly sinned and was condemned through the disobedience of the first-formed and the treachery of the Devil. Here the result is that God’s grace and our salvation are diminished. And there is the further fact that we who been made secure by salvation from God engage in war on behalf of men and have such a superabundance of contentiousness that we have supplied it even to the aspirations of others and adopt enmities of our own to advance thrones not our own, thereby committing two most serious transgressions in one: we both inflame there rapacity and use it ourselves to bolster our own fanaticism just as those who have slipped clutch at more sturdy bushes or the rocks that are within reach.