Gregory Nazianzen Oration 6:13

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The one angel who dared revolt and rise above his station, hardening his neck against the Lord almighty and, as the prophet says, intent upon the throne beyond the clouds, receive punishment he deserved for his mad deeds, condemned to be in darkness instead of light or, more accurately, become so by his own hand; but the rest remain in their station, of which the prime mark is peacefulness and freedom from faction, draw their unity, as indeed their radiance, from the honoured and holy Trinity. For this too both is, and is believed in faith to be, one God, as much for its inner harmony as for its identity of substance; so that all those who openly embrace the blessing of peace and loathe and despise its contrary, strife, are close to God and things divine, while in the opposite group are all those who bellicose in character and pursue popularity through innovation and make a display of their shamelessness; for the Devil too, thanks to his fickle and vicious passions, is both in revolt against himself and as a murderer and hater of the good from the beginning produces this same effect in others in order that he might shoot in the dark at the common body of the Church, concealing himself, to my way of thinking, in the murk of faction; and he uses his constantly varied tricks and devices to insinuate himself into each of us and by his cunning opens up, as it were, a place for himself in our persons so that he may attack us with all his might, just as a champion warrior does an army when there has been a breach in the fortification or battle-line.