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Dr ian fuss

Dr Ian Fuss – Natural & Theological Science

A sense of wonder and excitement fills us as we are drawn ever deeper into the story of our world and God. More than this the stories we tell, and listen to, have enormous impact upon our community and us. The Good news of Jesus Christ can rapidly be transformed into bad news with devastating consequences for nations and their people. Conversely when we listen well to the God who tells stories about Himself and His world we glimpse the reality that fills us, leads us, sustains us and brings us joy. Those of us who have the privilege to be witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ do well to be passionate about the truth we tell and to spend our lives and energy in pursuit of the happy and humble sciences whose purpose is to encounter this truth.

T F Torrance gave his life to these things and wrote wonderfully about them. For example his books Space time and incarnation and Space time and resurrection speak of the deep interplay between natural science and the two great miracles of the Christian faith.   Torrance was fascinated by the parallel between the dynamic relational model of the natural world that was largely wrought by Albert Einstein and the dynamic and relational story of God that flowed from the pen of Karl Barth. Einstein released us from the prison of Newton with its absolute space and time into an understanding where space and time took their place as fellow creatures alongside us, carrying a like privilege of relating events in the world. While Barth moved us from the prison of static modernism into a dynamic encounter with the living God, after Barth protestant theology no longer described God like a bird in a cage but rather revealed Him to us in movement and dynamism like a bird in flight.

Ian Fuss, who has been privileged to spend a lifetime in science, will through  light but deep stories  enable us to dip our toes into the happy and humble  sciences of nature and theology and tell the good news they convey to us about ourselves, our world and our God.