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Karl Barth has been ranked as one of the greatest of theologians of the 20th century. He made what was ancient and classical, what originated in the ancient church and brought it into mainstream Christianity.  There was nothing new in what he presented but was identical with what the apostles handed on to the Church. The following videos are rare footage of Karl Barth with some people reflecting on his work. He was also known for his quick wit. Once on a tram he was asked, “Do you know Karl Barth?” He quickly responded, “Know Him! I shave him every morning!” Though many would consider his work a challenge to engage with, there are many thousands who have benefited from the pioneering transformations he was able to lay out. T F Torrance was one of his students who later on on undertook the mammoth task of translating his Church Dogmatics into English.  In one way or another, the breadcrumbs of the modern Trinitarian movement can be trace back to Karl Barth.