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bwauchDr Bruce Wauchope is one of the founding members of Perichoresis Australia.  He is married to Belinda with a daughter and has 4 daughters and a son from a previous marriage.  He runs a successful medical practice in Adelaide but his deepest passion is the gospel according to the ancient church.  He is a very popular teacher and has spoken in venues all over the world with tremendous positive responses.  We have had many people contact us testifying of life transforming experiences that have impacted lives and ministries.

What drives Bruce the most is to bring together the fundamental truth of the gospel into real life experiences allowing the Spirit of Christ into every area of our being.  The single comprehensive all embracing love of God disclosed to us in Jesus Christ while at the same time our broken hurting beings are held in His everlasting arms is a strong theme in much of what he talks about.  Those who have come across Bruce’s teaching will have been touched in one way or another by the clarity of his gospel vision.

In April of 2014, Bruce Wauchope held a seminar here in Adelaide called God: Who & Why.  It is a clear and comprehensive overview of what the Trinitarian gospel is all about.  There are ten parts in the series and are well worth the listen to if you are interested in getting the facts straight about the fundamental beliefs that we strongly hold onto.  Click on the link below to watch the series.

Below are a series of some of the many videos by Dr Bruce Wauchope