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BaxterKrugerDr C Baxter Kruger sat at the feet of James Torrance at King’s College and travelled out into the world to preach the ancient truth in a foreign and hostile world.  He knew both James and Thomas Torrance had sat at the feet of the apostolic and church fathers and was keen to draw from them their insights.  With the ancient truth as the foundation, Baxter has been able to clearly see where the modern church has gone so wrong and took it upon himself to show people the true vision of Jesus Christ.  This he has been faithfully doing for over 20 years.  He has endured the tribulations dished out by the institutional church and is still going strong. We have discussed in our steering group on many occasions the recent new insights we have are things that Baxter has been preaching from the very start.  Yet, for some reason we had not been hearing him.  For some of us, it takes time to see true beauty that can only come through preaching the Word of Christ.

The Word of Christ can only truly be seen when we conform our minds to the mind of Christ.  This means we have to lay aside all our premises, theories and preconceptions that tend to blind us. It means what we hear from Christ is far more important than doctrines, denominational statements of faith, etc.  When we begin to understand the integrity of Jesus Christ as of one being with the Father (homoousion to Patri) we can then frame our statements in accordance with what is disclosed in Him.  What Jesus Christ has said and done in His Person and work takes priority over everything else that is said.  This is because no one can say it better than God Himself.  So what Baxter constantly endeavours to do is to preach the very same that was taught by the apostles.  What the apostles taught was Good News of cosmic proportions.  It is truth that is embedded at the core of our being.  We start to see with Christ’s eyes and start to love with Christ’s hands and live with Christ’s own peace and joy that He shares with the Father.

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